Getting Summer Ready: With Influensters Spark VoxBox

I love experimenting with my hair, skin and makeup during the summer. I think taking a couple of months during summer to discover new techniques and routines is a perfect way to add new tricks to your beauty routine.

Just in time, I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster! This is actually the third beauty box I have received from Influenster but because of graduate school, I hardly had any time to review some of the products I was sent. I’m so happy I finally get to talk about how I’m using these products with you!


Pure Silk Contour 6 Razor System


Firstly, because it’s summer and my legs are out every 5 seconds, a shave is an absolute must. Granted, I’m not a really hairy person but I love a smooth shave and a good razor. This razor was pretty fun to use because it has dual moisture bars at each end of the head. This means that I didn’t need to use a shaving cream because it moisturizes the skin as I shaved and avoided any nicks or cuts. It was really convenient to use and I just loved how cute the pink packaging was!

Live Clean Coconut Milk Lotion



Once I’ve gotten a clean shave, I pop on my Live Clean coconut milk moisturizing lotion. It’s a light weight body cream that hydrates and restores the moisture balance to dry skin. This is perfect for me because I’m obsessed with body lotion. My skin gets dry really quickly after a shower/shave so I always need a moisturizer.

That being said, I think the hallmark of a good body lotion is being able to moisturize the skin without being too oily or greasy. This lotion is all of that! It also does not have any overpowering scent and it lasts long. It has also become my new leg lotion to pop on before heading out of the house.

Swisspers 100% Cotton Makeup Removal Wipes


Lets face it: it’s sweltering hot in summer and because of this, I usually need to take off my slimy makeup at the end of the day. I usually look like melted chocolate by this time. LOl.  I’ve been using Swisspers 100% cotton makeup removal wipes to take off my makeup. These wipes are very soft and they remove my foundation and eye makeup nicely. But they’re unfortunately no match for my waterproof mascara! However I don’t mind since I’d usually shower in a few hours!

Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Foam Conditioner



This conditioner is possibly the least favourite product I was sent by Influenster. Not because it doesn’t work, but because I have no use for this conditioner on my “actual” hair at the moment. I am in the process of getting dreadlocks on my natural hair and I am supposed to be avoiding conditioners at this time. Because of this, I can’t use conditioners. This makes me slightly sad because this conditioner smells heavenly. But overall I’m just happy to not be using too products on my hair at the moment!

There is still use for this product though, I own an unhealthy amount of human hair wigs  so they definitely need conditioning lol. The conditioner is really light weight and is meant to be used in the shower and rinsed off. It’s a mouse like consistency and it conditions fine-hair without weighing it down!

That’s it for the Influenster Spark Voxbox products! Have you tried any of these products? Whats your summer go to beauty product?




7 thoughts on “Getting Summer Ready: With Influensters Spark VoxBox”

  1. There are some lovely-looking products here! I myself having been wondering about getting a foam conditioner – as they seem very popular with lots of people! It’s very unfortunate that you can’t use it ;( But I’m looking forward to those beautiful dreadlocks!
    Have a wonderful day Pearl,
    Erin | xx


    1. Hey Erin! It’s really a cool product it’s definitely worth a try. And I can’t wait for my dreadlocks too! Thank you for the comment 💕💕


      1. Whenever I have the time I will have a lil’ shopping trip for all those things I have been willing to try since 2017! You are most welcome Pearl. ♥️


    1. Personally not a fan of Venus razors actually! They always seem to give me razor bumps so I prefer this one!


  2. I have thick hair that I don’t know if I buy into the idea of foaming conditioners anyways haha the other products looked great! Thanks for sharing!


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