What I Want To Achieve In 2018

It’s a new year and I feel so ready for 2018! I felt 2017 was a transitionary period in my life where I was just preparing for 2018 to start. I’m excited to go back to school for my Masters, meet new people and form new relationships. I also started blogging consistently last year and I now feel like I’m getting more into the groove of things now.

Besides the blogging stuff, there are so many things I’d like to improve this year. I don’t have a long list of what I want to achieve in 2018  because I have a track record of my concrete plans going to shit lmao. However, it’s great to have a general idea of what I want to do this year!

What I Want To Achieve In 2018

NO. 1

I would love to be more mindful of the stuff I buy in 2018. I have a difficulty separating needs from wants which makes me buy things that I may not even need at all. This happens because I feel like I need something when in actuality I can live without it.

I also LOVE dirt cheap, trendy clothes but they may not always be the best quality. I’m tired of having my clothes fall apart after one wash so a solution must be met in this regard.

I’m envious of my brother because he has clothes that last for 5 years and still look new. However, he shops at designer stores (Something I can’t bring myself to do yet). I would love to strike a middle ground between dirt cheap and designer prices. I will focus more on the quality of clothes I buy as opposed to following trends.

NO. 2

I want to be more consistent with my blog and social media. I’ve been missing from Instagram and Pinterest for a couple of weeks. My lack of motivation started when I lost the charger to my good camera. I didn’t enjoy taking photos anymore because they turned out ugly. I’m glad to have a backup charger now so I hope this is the push I need to start posting more on social media. I’m also considering scheduling my social media posts using tools like Tailwind and Buffer.


NO. 3

I would love improve the quality of my posts this year. I am currently sensing a shift in the type of content that interests me. Although I love how many posts I’ve done on this blog, but I believe quality is better than quantity. The quality of some of my posts on this blog suffered because of the pressure I felt to post once a week.

I dont want to feel this type of pressure and I always want to produce the best content. Because of this, I may reduce the frequency of my posts to twice a month to be more quality-centric and see how that affects my blog this year.

NO. 4

Unapologetically embrace who I am. I think embracing yourself is a lifelong journey that has it’s ups and downs. I love who I am, flaws an all and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Most of the things I HATED about myself when I was young are either not a concern or a mild inconvenience now. It doesn’t affect my self esteem anymore. This year, I would love to continue to improve my health, body and just be more accepting of my shortcomings as a person while I try to improve them.


NO. 5

Draw closer to God. It’s kind of sunk into my head that God should ideally be at the centre of my life. I pretty much backslided in 2017 but  I always tend to remember this passage from the bible:  “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33. This verse reminds me that everything else in my life is secondary to God. If I just focus more on Him, my needs will be met.

NO. 6

I want to continue to live in the moment. Sometimes I tend to think and think about things instead of actually going out and doing them. It’s the introverted part of me. This year, I would love to go out more and explore the world, meet new people and have new experiences!

And that’s it! This is what I want to achieve in 2018! What are your New Years resolutions?

25 thoughts on “What I Want To Achieve In 2018”

      1. Exactly! I hope at least buying the middle ground makes some of my clothes last longer! And thank you so much ❤️


  1. I’m exactly where you are when it comes to purchasing clothes. I couldn’t bring myself yet to buy designer clothes, but I’m trying to find the happy in between. Good luck on your goals! xx


  2. I agree with you, especially on writing with a focus on quality instead of quantity. I read an article on that earlier today.

    The author of that blog and myself both felt like one post a week worked best for us. This was the first week I wrote two posts since recommitted to blogging.

    Do what works for you. I wish you the best in 2018 and onwards.


  3. Great goals! You go girl, I know you’ll achieve them.
    If you need any help always talk to your readers.
    Thank you so much Pearl, for support and contribution.
    I’d love to collaborate sometime, you? Erin, xx


  4. I feel like my blog consistency and quality had been suffering too at some point in 2017, but I’m grateful to start a fresh this year. When you have a blog like yours which truly has impact, one certainly wants to go for quality over quantity. This has been my formula. The people who truly love your content will appreciate this. All the best 💞💞😊🙌🙌.


    1. Very true! As long as what you post resonates with people I think it will positively impact your blog instead of hindering it. I hope you also reach your blogging goals this year! Thanks for commenting 💕


  5. I am definitely guilty of buying dirt cheap clothing and having to throw them out after a year or so. No. 5 is everything, there’s truly a transformation that occurs when we choose to spend time with God and keep him at the center of our life.


  6. I’ve been switching out the cheap pieces in my closet with expensive designer pieces. I would recommend ThredUp. They sale used clothing. But everything I’ve purchased from them still have the tag and haven’t been worn. I’ve been able to get a brand new prada skirt for $100. Joe jeans, True Religion, Madewell, etc. with tags for no more than $50! So it’s a good place for in between pricing! Good luck with your goals girl!



  7. wow this blog isn inspiring i love it the moment the moment i landed on it i was so overwhelmed wow . i love the list of things you have made and i am guilty of buying cloths because they look nice ta that time and then i end up not wearing them. http://lucyakaos.blog


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