The 5 Places I Want To Visit Before I’m 50

I thought it would be nice to do a little travel chit-chat post on my blog today! I love traveling to new places because I get to explore different cultures, try new foods and experience the history of a city.

As I said in my Travel Tag, I have been fortunate to be able to travel to so many fun places in the past few years. But there’s so many more places I want to visit soon for each of their own reasons. Here they are!


Italy is one of my top countries to visit in Europe. I just love the architecture of its cities and how it is filled with history. There are three main places I would love to visit in Italy:



Rome is a top destination for me. There are lots of structures that were built in the Roman Empire that I would like to see in person. One of these places in particular is the Colosseum. It’s so beautiful!

I would also love to visit The Vatican and it’s museum because as you may know, I’m obsessed with museums. I would love to enter the churches and admire its beauty in person.



As I also said in my Travel Tag post, Venice has a history with my parents because they took one of their first “baecations” there.

They wanted to go back for a “memories” baecation recently and I was just sat there screaming “TAKE ME WITH YOU!”. Of course they said no lol. But hey, I tried!

I think Venice is a beautiful city on water and I would love to cruise along the canals, stay in a hotel there and just relax.




My father recommended this city to me because he said It was one of the cities in Italy he enjoyed the most. He said there’s something about the vibes in Sicily that is unlike any other place he has been too.

Sicily is mostly known as the place in Italy where Mafia’s originated from. I think it would be a beautiful city to be wined and dined, explore nature and just relax.


I don’t know much about Greece to be honest. It’s a really low key country. But I am drawn to visit here and experience the city because it’s beautiful!



Athens is known for its historical landmarks and it will be interesting visit these landmarks to see how people lived over 3000 years ago. Very hard to believe life existed before the 1800’s so it would be nice to see it up close.




I love this island! The blue waters, the clear skies and the houses on the hill all make me want to visit here. It’s the perfect relaxation holiday destination. I’m already thinking of the Instagram worthy photos I would take.


3. Las Vegas – USA


Sin City! When I think of Las Vegas now the only thing I think of is UFC. Is it weird that it’s my main motivation for visiting there?

My love for UFC has reached a cult like status so I would love to go to Las Vegas, buy a ticket for a UFC fight and watch it live. I would also like to visit some casinos but I’m not big on gambling so it will not be my main focus.

Las Vegas also has extravagant broadway type shows like Cirque Du Soleil and singers in Ceasers Palace so booking a ticket for one of these shows is a must!

4. Arizona – USA


Now I’m not an outdoorsy person so I don’t even know why this is on my list. But The Grand Canyon is a place that I think should be visited at least once in a lifetime. I love Natural wonders so it’s something I think I would enjoy.

5. New York – USA


The concrete jungle! I have been to New York before but it is a place that I want to visit again. New York is unlike any place I have ever been to in the world.

I particularly want to visit the Statue of Liberty because I didn’t get to last time. It was closed for reconstruction sadly. Can you enter the torch? I would really want to stand there!


I also want to see another Broadway show live. The first Broadway show I ever went to was The Phantom Of The Opera and it was nothing short of amazing. The next show on my list is The Lion King!

If possible, I would also like to visit Niagara Falls because, natural wonder. Lool

That is it for my list! I have many other places I would love to like Egypt and Tokyo but these are the places I see myself going to sooner rather than later.

And btw, I now have a 1600 followers on The Pearly Life! Thank you for the continued support on my blog.

Is there any place you would like to visit soon?

40 thoughts on “The 5 Places I Want To Visit Before I’m 50”

  1. I live in the Northen Italy and I had the chance to visit Rome and Venice…Rome is beautiful and overflowing with history and things to see. Venice is also nice but it’s always crowded with people and you don’t get to see a lot. I would like to visit the US too.


    1. Oh yes I’ve heard about Venice being soo crowded with tourists but I didn’t think it was that bad! 😮 I would really like to visit Rome now from what you have said. And the U.S is a lovely place to visit! Thank you for commenting ❤️❤️


  2. Great post Pearl. Your list is top notch. I’ll love to visit The Maldives, hopefully we get what we want 😀 A little travel lust never hurt nobody.


    1. Very true girl it never hurts to dream a little 😂😂 And the Maldives is a beautiful destination! Thank you girl ❤️❤️


  3. I was lucky enough to get to visit Rome before and I can promise, it is worth the trip so so much! There’s so much to see and you stumble above beautiful places all over the city without even looking for them! But I’ve never been to Venice before and your post reminded me of how much I wanna go! Great post!


    1. Thank you girl! And that’s so cool that there’s many things to explore in the city outside of the popular tourist locations! I really wanna go! Thank you ❤️❤️


    1. Ah I haven’t thought about going to Iceland but it sounds super fun. And Japan is definitely a must go! Thank you for commenting ❤️❤️


  4. Santorini, Rome and Venice are on my list too :). Also, Mykonos in Greece, so beautiful. I want to visit California and North Carolina soon. I love the outdoors and there are so many beautiful trees out there.


    1. Yass that’s so cool we have similar lists! I’ve never been to Paris either. I would really love to visit there too! Thank you girl ❤️❤️


  5. You mean by the time you’re 30? Fifty us farrrrrr! We should totally plan a trip to Vegas. Haha. I should New York is fun to visit too. Enjoyed it. Arizona is dry. Lol family lives there and I visit often but the Scenery is insane though.


    1. Lmao I’m giving myself time but I will be happy I visit all of there by 30! Amen!! And omg Arizona is dead? That means I’ll just go to the Grand Canyon and come out of the state immediately 😂😂 Issa shame. Thank you for commenting! ❤️❤️


  6. Las Vegas USA is right at the top of my list pearl (sin city!) you have agreat buckety list,ah just wish yhu more travel tickets and safe journey to yhur destinations.


  7. Love the blog. There are a few cities that I would like to visit . Santorini is one. The water is so blue. Oh you HAVE to do Las Vegas. Doesn’t matter that you don’t gamble. More to Las Vegas than that. EVERYBODY should visit Vegas at least once in their lives. Check out my blog https:// for posts on the city.


    1. The waters are so beautiful I agree! And yes Las Vegas is a must! I always had the impression that it was mainly for gambling but I’m recently discovering that there’s so much more interesting things to do there. I can’t wait to go! Thank you for commenting ❤️❤️


    1. Ooo I haven’t thought about visiting Russia before actually. I need to go do my research and check out the attractions! And Rome is a top choice dear. Thank you for commenting ❤️❤️


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