What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag: Autumn

I took a blogging hiatus this week because I had been in a whirlwind of packing for my trip to Orlando! I haven’t been as active on social media because I’m just enjoying the holiday and I kept on messing up my blogging schedules because of the time difference.

Thankfully I am now in the sunshine state of Florida! It’s not so sunny right now because it’s September and officially the start of autumn! I’m happy about the mellow weather because I always got unsightly tan marks whenever I was in the sun.

Finding the essential products to pack on my trip was such a hassle because I knew I was going to buy new makeup, but I still wanted to pack makeup that looks good and will look versatile for any occasion that may arise. I didn’t mention everything I have here but I am mentioning some new products and old favorites!

Illamaqua lipstick in ESP


I’m usually not a big coloured lipstick wearer because it is so difficult to find a shade that I actually like on me. However, this purple lipstick is one of my favourites. I also think Autumn is a perfect time to wear deeper shades but this shade can be worn beautifully in summer too!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


My favourite foundation. Need I say more? Do I even need to elaborate? This foundation is my whole life. It makes my skin look flawless and I just love the matte finishing it gives. I also don’t break out using this foundation in the summer. I will definitely keep repurchasing this again!

Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette


I love the Naked 3 Palette because it is extremely versatile and very wearable on any type of outfit. It’s a shimmery rose, gold nude palette that matches with everything I wear. There is no strong color that can’t be worn in this palette which is why it’s what I always go for when I’m travelling on a trip!

Lip Balm

I’m absolutely obsessed with lip balm and it’s something that I can’t leave my house without. My lips always get super dry when I’m traveling so I always need to have a lipbalm on hand to prevent cracks! I’m currently using a massive pot of Vaseline to keep my lips nice and soft.

L’Oreal Luminous Mascara


This is my first time trying this mascara and I am quite impressed. I usually don’t try most drug store mascaras because the wands are super frustrating and they always suck at separating my lashes. However this mascara has a curved wand which I discovered was the best wand shape of for my short, curved lashes. It’s also super pigmented and makes me look like I’m wearing false lashes. My only con is that it clumpy so I have to go over my lashes a couple of times to get it to look smooth!

Maybelline Eye Studio Pot Liner

In currently trying out a different type of liner because I’m so used to using pen liners and I like the look of the pot liner gives. This liner is waterproof and pigmented/creamy. It doesn’t smudge once its dry so its been pretty good to use. The only issue I have with it is the fact that I suck at doing a wing with this liner so I’ve been sticking to the simple wingless liner for now. I’m probably going to buy a new liner soon because I love doing my wings!

That’s it for my travel makeup! I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe you could discover some new makeup. I’m enjoying switching up my look and these makeup products are perfect for that!

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Thank you so much for reading!

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20 thoughts on “What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag: Autumn”

      1. Hello Pearl! Already jealous of the Naked 3 pallette! I don’t have it and really want those eye shades! I feel they’re great for this time of year, some very autumnal but some still kinda’ summery! And, agreed, I love the Maybelline Foundation, they have great coverage but at the moment I’m trying to wear less make-up, just concealer and a bit of lip tint but I really am trying! I think wearing less is A TON better for your skin aswell. I might as well of emailed this, sorry for this being so long!
        And what’s your favourite make-up product?
        Kind regards,
        Jade, x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I totally agree girl! I think wearing less makeup is the best thing for your skin cause it really needs a breather sometimes. I only wear makeup twice or thrice a week and it really helps my skin breathe and cleared most of my acne!

        No problem about the length of your comment. I love engaging with you! My favourite makeup product is the Maybelline Foundation and the NYX lip lingerie in Beauty Mark!

        ( Oh and btw I’ve moved my blog over to http://thepearlylife.com so this one is going off soon!)


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    1. I’m glad you love the pictures and I can’t wait for you to move to the new blog! I took your advice and went self hosted instead of premium and I used siteground. So glad I listened. It’s going really good right now!


  1. Most of these products are in my wishlist! I never tried this shade of purple I usually go for darker or lighter tones! It’s a very interesting color indeed! Btw I adore your pict soo much they are aesthetic goals 👌😍👌😍👌😍

    Liked by 1 person

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