Mac Mineralized Skinfinish Highlighter in Cheeky Bronze: A Review

Ah, Summer. There is nothing like the sweltering hot sun to give you the glow of a glazed donut. Now that summer is here, it’s safe to say we all want that bronzed, sun-kissed look and highlighters are the perfect product to achieve that!

I love the light natural glow a highlighter gives you. It accentuates features of your face that make you beautiful naturally. I started using highlighters 2 years ago and I have not looked back since. I have searched low and high for the perfect highlighter and I  have finally found one that fits me like a glove: Mac’s Mineralized Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze.

This highlighter is part of Mac’s mineralized Skin Finish collection it comes in 6 shades ranging from pastel pink to khaki coloured shades. It is currently £24.50 on the Mac Website and stores!



This powder is described as a luxurious, slow-baked, velvelty soft, domed faced powder with a radiant finish. It is super pigmented you can either wear it as a sheer glow or build it up to a strong intensity. It also has a very smooth feel when you glide it between your fingers. The formula is definitely one of the best compared to the other highlighters I know. It also doesn’t drag on dry patches on your skin and glides smoothly when you apply it!


Cheeky Bronze in particular is a soft coral with golden shimmer. This is a very versatile colour that does not clash with any makeup look you’re wearing because it matches your skin tone so closely and complements it!

Here is a swatch of the highlighter on my arm…


How Long Does it Last?

This highlighter lasts ridiculously long. I bought this highlighter a year ago and I am yet to hit the pan. For the price, it is a very good investment. It is also long-lasting when applied on your face and gives you a lovely glow throughout the day.

I have also been stopped multiple times in public and asked where I got my highlighter from. I think it is the only time I am usually asked about a makeup product I’m wearing. So that must mean something!


How To Use

I apply this product on 3-5 places on my face; cheeks, chin, nose and cupid’s bow. I also apply it on my brow bone occasionally for the extra highlight there.

Using my contour brush, I swipe it over the highlighter in three strokes and apply it to the area in light, sweeping motions. I then repeat until the intensity of the shine has built up to where I want it to be! It is pretty easy to use so this highlighter is definitely idiot proof.

Some Tips…

  • This highlighter is really pigmented so always start with a light strokes and build up from there!
  • Make sure you blend properly to avoid streaky, obvious, highlighter lines.
  • Cheeky Bronze is a coral colour, which may not be the perfect shade for very fair or dark skin tones. Because it is the middle shade in the collection, the pinker shades may be better suited for fairer women and the golden shade for the dark woman!

I will definitely be purchasing this again. I’m the kind of person that once I find a makeup product that actually works, I do not shift to any other brand again. I only own two highlighters now!

Thank you for reading my review! What do you think of this highlighter? 

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33 thoughts on “Mac Mineralized Skinfinish Highlighter in Cheeky Bronze: A Review”

  1. I may be forced to get one too. I’ve only own a MAC studio fix powder. But every of their product have always have amazing review. It’s just the price that scares me away 😂 But who doesn’t love a good product that can last long irrespective of the amount?

    And your pictures are lovely too…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know what you mean 😂 but to be fair MAC products last forever so you will always get your money’s worth when you buy it! My studio fix powder has also been around for over a year now 😭
      Thank you so much for the comment dear 💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes girl Soft and Gentle is the perfect shade for fair skin tones from what I’ve seen online! I could never pull it off I would just look like a powdered donut. Lool thank you so much for the comment dear! ❤ ❤

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  2. Always love reading your posts! The highlighter looks absolutely stunning on you. I recently bought a MAC highlighter as well called OH, DARLING. It’s so good! And I agree with having 1 or 2 favourite ones. I used the Becca Champagne Pop for so long till I decided to splurge into another one! It’s great fun using highlighters! Probably my favourite part of my make up routine ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is such a nice thing to say Maleeha! I’m so glad someone isn’t sick of me yet LOL. Omg, I love Oh Darling too. The swatches I saw online were so lovely, it’s like the perfect gold highlighter!
      And I agree, highlighters are so fun to use and really take your makeup look to the next level. Cant believe we survived without it before! Thank you for the lovely comment dear ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s such a gorgeous colour! I’ve recently gotten into wearing highlighter regularly, and I’m still looking for my match made in highlighter heaven… this one looks so good on you! x


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