What I Learned From A Social Media Detox 

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been away for so long but I had a semi-good, almost dramatic reason for abandoning my blog and other social media sites for over 2 months.

I think it’s very difficult sometimes to remember that it’s just social media. It literally exists in a space consisting of data in the form of ones and zeros. It can be turned off at anytime, you can control it. But why does it often feel out of our control? Why do we give social media so much power over us?

For a long time I felt a bunch of unpleasant feelings surrounding my presence on the Internet. I felt an irrational pressure to post things on time, post often and be perfect. I felt these feelings particularly on Instagram, where I couldn’t help but compare myself to other people often.

At one point I obsessed over the amount of Instagram followers and likes I had. I even contemplated deleting my account because I wasn’t racking up to a 100 likes. I look back now and I wonder why I was so dramatic. I also had my fair share of online bullies and fights. This caused more negativity to surround my social media. I was tired of it.

I felt disconnected the more connected I became. It’s like I was present, but I was not really there. I also wanted my privacy back. I felt like I was sharing way too much information about myself on the Internet. I had the mentality of “If you don’t post it online, did it really happen?”. I think it’s horrible to think that way.

One day something clicked in my head and I immediately stopped posting on all my social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I also deleted all my pictures from my Instagram account. I went from 150 + pictures to only 2 pictures.

During that 1-2 months hiatus I really had time to revaluate how I want to share and be perceived on the Internet. I felt way better not living on my phone and the irrational pressure to be perfect and present dissipated. Now that I’m using my accounts again I feel what more conscious of how I want to utilise social media moving on. I feel more in control of my life and self. I don’t need to live on my phone and I don’t feel a pressure to have my life figured out. I don’t need to post everything online. Even though I don’t have it all figured out yet I have a clearer sense of where I want to be.

I will still post on my blog moving forward. I love writing and reading peoples blogs! I love beauty, movies and little nuggets of wisdom. I love the community here and think I want to continue moving in this direction going forward. I also can’t wait to catch up on all your blog posts I missed!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you ever had a social media detox? What did it teach you?

14 thoughts on “What I Learned From A Social Media Detox ”

  1. I totally understand. I’m going through it since August. It gets better though. Definitely take the time you need to reevaluate and breathe. Social Media is not going anywhere any time soon. It’ll be back when YOU come back. Thanks for sharing though. Nice to know I’m not alone hehe. Have a nice day luv!

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    1. “It’ll be back when YOU come back” you’re totally right, I felt like if I left social media will leave me behind but I’m in a much better frame of mind now. Haha and you’re definitely not alone! Thank you so much for commenting 💕

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  2. I totally agree and love this post. I have been trying hard of late too to stay away from social media. I actually allowed my addiction ruined a plan some months back to write a professional exam and I keep feeling bad about it up to date. I’m glad I have a second chance to write it.

    I’ve been on the ghost mode for a while now on some platforms and I am trying really hard to effect on other platforms…this post came at the right time!

    And this can’t be any truer “It’ll be back when YOU come back”.

    Cheers and welcome back.

    P.S. I missed your movie reviews.

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    1. Woow social media really has a way of sucking your life away and striking a balance can be difficult. I’m just glad you have a second chance to write your exams! I hope you do well and good luck on them!
      And aww I’ll try to write movie reviews whenever I can! I’m in Nigeria now and I haven’t stepped foot in a cinema for weeks 😂😂

      Thanks so much for commenting hun! 💕

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  3. This post is very honest. I completely understand what you were going through and I’m glad that you wrote about it. Social media, in my opinion is both a blessing and a curse. It’s also a shame that there are so many cruel people online, but, they can kick rocks off of a slippery mountain.

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  4. I did. I wrote a piece on my own blog about this. I’m feeling the same way you did when you took the break — where I just need a breather. I’m a marketing consultant, so I’m on social media for my clients all the time. It’s too much to be on there all the time for both work and social/personal purposes. But, the main thing is I don’t want everyone knowing my business all the time and I also have the same question as you all the time, “if I don’t document what I did, did I really do it and is it of any value?” When you start thinking like that, you need to step back. So, I’ve decided I will primarily use social media on a personal basis to promote good causes and charity stuff I’m involved with. Great post.


  5. Yet another lovely post. Social Media will be the death of us…if we don’t manage it properly. The break you took definitely did you a whole lot of good and I am glad you are back and in a healthier space.

    I once tried a social media detox and it went really well


    I completely agree with you here, “It can be turned off at anytime, you can control it.” This is definitely a rule to live by!


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